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IP address classification

Cgi proxy cgi_proxy
--- Note: IP addresses of Public CGI web proxy (Glype, PHProxy ..)
Web proxy web_proxy
--- Note: IP addresses of Proxy (open/commercial HTTP, SOCKS5 ..)
Anonymizing VPN service vpn_service
--- Note: IP addresses of Anonymizing VPN service (open/commercial)
Tor exit node tor_exit_node
Fake crawler fake_crawler
--- Note: IP addresses that do not belong to the robots of major search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex ..), but they send the useragent strings of these robots
Known attack source - HTTP known_attack_source
--- Note: IP addresses scans HTTP/HTTPS for vulnerable installations of known web applications (phpMyAdmin, Joomla ..) and Brute-Force Logins (Joomla, Wordpress ..)
Known attack source - MAIL known_attack_source_mail
--- Note: IP addresses run attacks on the services MAIL, SMTP, IMAP, POP3 ...
Known attack source - SSH known_attack_source_ssh
--- Note: IP addresses run attacks on the service SSH
Web scraper web_scraper
--- Note: Web scraping (web harvesting or web data extraction)
Crawler crawler
--- Note: Internet bots
Unrecognized unrecognized
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