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API v. 2 - Reference - method "parse"

Send POST request to "" with following parameters.

accesskeyYou access keyYes
uauseragent stringYes

Request example:



Answer format includes selection of following values (encoded in UTF-8):

Return code of communication:
unknown OS
unknown UA
unknown OS and UA
incorrect acceskey
exceeded the maximum number of queries
errortextstring type valueError descriptoon, for flag "4", "6" and "99" only
"mobile browser"
"email client"
"wap browser"
"offline browser"
"ua anonymizer"
User agent type
info->ua_name"string"User agent name or "unknown"
info->ua_ver"string"User agent version
info->ua_family"string"User agent family name or "unknown"
info->ua_url"string"User agent URL
info->ua_company"string"User agent producer
info->ua_company_url"string"User agent producer URL
info->ua_icon"string"URL user agent ICO
info->ua_engine"string"User agent engine
info->ua_udger_url"string"URL to udger UA list
info->os_name"string"User agent OS name or "unknown"
info->os_family"string"User agent OS family or "unknown"
info->os_url"string"User agent OS URL
info->os_company"string"User agent producer
info->os_company_url"string"User agent OS producer URL
info->os_icon"string"URL user agent OS ICO
info->os_udger_url"string"URL to udger UA list
info->device_name"Personal computer"
"Game console"
"Smart TV"
Device name or "unknown"
info->device_icon"string"URL divice ICO
info->device_udger_url"string"URL to udger UA list
"fragment"->"fragment note"
User agent fragments
Are checked only major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera ..
Ok, browser is up to date.
It would be appropriate uptade
uptodate->ver"int"Current major version
uptodate->url"string"URL for update

Error answer (example):

	"flag": 4,
	"errortext": "incorrect acceskey"

Correct answer (example):

	"flag": 0,
	"info": {
		"type": "Browser",
		"ua_name": "Chrome 39.0.2171.95",
		"ua_ver": "39.0.2171.95",
		"ua_family": "Chrome",
		"ua_url": "http:\/\/\/chrome",
		"ua_company": "Google Inc.",
		"ua_company_url": "http:\/\/\/",
		"ua_icon": "http:\/\/\/pub\/img\/ua\/chrome.png",
		"ua_engine": "WebKit\/Blink",
		"ua_udger_url": "http:\/\/\/resources\/ua-list\/browser-detail?browser=Chrome",
		"os_name": "Windows 7",
		"os_family": "Windows",
		"os_url": "http:\/\/\/wiki\/Windows_7",
		"os_company": "Microsoft Corporation.",
		"os_company_url": "http:\/\/\/",
		"os_icon": "http:\/\/\/pub\/img\/os\/windows-7.png",
		"os_udger_url": "http:\/\/\/resources\/ua-list\/os-detail?os=Windows",
		"device_name": "Personal computer",
		"device_icon": "http:\/\/\/pub\/img\/device\/desktop.png",
		"device_udger_url": "http:\/\/\/resources\/ua-list\/device-detail?device=Personal computer"
	"fragments": {
		"Mozilla\/5.0": "They claim that it is based on Mozilla user agent (only true for Gecko browsers). It is now used only for historical reasons.",
		"Windows NT 6.1": "OS signature",
		"WOW64": "Windows running on a 64-bit processor signature",
		"AppleWebKit\/537.36": " Open source application framework<\/a> ver. 537.36",
		"(KHTML, like Gecko)": "HTML layout engine developed by the KDE project<\/a>",
		"Chrome\/39.0.2171.95": "browser signature",
		"Safari\/537.36": "browser signature"
	"uptodate": {
		"controlled": true,
		"is": true,
		"ver": "39",
		"url": "http:\/\/\/chrome"

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