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Udger database includes IP address ranges that correspond to datacenters

1,582 datacenters / 28,545 ranges / More than 433,714,000 IP v4 address

"If the IP address is in a range of data centers, it is not the end user, but it's a program for 99.9%."

DatacenterURLIP v4 addressesIP v6 range in DB
logo Amazon AWSAmazon AWS,972,296  Yes
logo Verizon BusinessVerizon Business,813,632   
logo Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Corporation,217,508  Yes
logo Alibaba CloudAlibaba Cloud,515,420   
logo Google CloudGoogle Cloud,188,608  Yes
logo Apple Inc.Apple Inc.,786,188  Yes
logo Akamai Technologies, Inc.Akamai Technologies, Inc.,695,936  Yes
logo Microsoft AzureMicrosoft Azure,175,189   
logo Tencent CloudTencent Cloud,654,528   
logo OVHOVH,885,936  Yes
logo IBM CloudIBM Cloud,841,056   
logo Digital Ocean, IncDigital Ocean, Inc,106,320  Yes
logo Hetzner OnlineHetzner Online,644,890  Yes
logo Oracle CloudOracle Cloud,347,776   
logo Rackspace, Inc.Rackspace, Inc.,178,902   
logo CloudFlare IncCloudFlare Inc,801,984  Yes
logo Aptum TechnologiesAptum Technologies,786,472   
logo Energy Group NetworksEnergy Group Networks,500,440   
logo Ubiquity HostingUbiquity Hosting,443,840  Yes
logo LinodeLinode,432,319  Yes
logo GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC.GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC.,024,516  Yes
logo Huawei Cloud ServiceHuawei Cloud Service,019,136   
logo Yahoo! Inc.Yahoo! Inc.,904  Yes
logo Choopa, LLC.Choopa, LLC.,256  Yes
logo PlusServer GmbHPlusServer GmbH,240   
logo Internap CorporationInternap Corporation,520  Yes
logo 21vianet21vianet,624  Yes
logo LeaseWebLeaseWeb,932  Yes
logo ColoCrossingColoCrossing,492  Yes
logo Psychz NetworksPsychz Networks,048   
logo Salesforce, Inc.Salesforce, Inc.,400   
logo GoogleGoogle,440  Yes
logo Sakura Internet Inc.Sakura Internet Inc.,600  Yes
logo Host EuropeHost Europe,665  Yes
logo Online SAS (Scaleway)Online SAS (Scaleway),848  Yes
logo Fiber Grid IncFiber Grid Inc,976   
logo Bluehost Inc.Bluehost Inc.,296   
logo Enzu Inc.Enzu Inc.,256  Yes
logo IONOS Inc.IONOS Inc.,208  Yes
logo ServerHubServerHub,952  Yes
logo ServerMania Inc.ServerMania Inc.,008   
logo Vultr Holdings LLCVultr Holdings LLC,688   
logo Zoom Video Communications, Inc.Zoom Video Communications, Inc.,584   
logo Contabo GmbHContabo GmbH,560  Yes
logo UCloudUCloud,848   
logo Cologix, Inc.Cologix, Inc.,984   
logo LogicWeb Inc.LogicWeb Inc.,816   
logo HeficedHeficed,436   
logo Hurricane ElecticHurricane Electic,776  Yes
logo CoreSpace,Inc.CoreSpace,Inc.,280   
logo Fastly, Inc.Fastly, Inc.,464  Yes
logo Micfo, LLCMicfo, LLC,808   
logo FDC ServersFDC Servers,872  Yes
logo Locaweb Serviços de Internet S/ALocaweb Serviços de Internet S/A,104   
logo SingleHopSingleHop,992   
logo Hostwinds.comHostwinds.com,864  Yes
logo GoGridGoGrid,584   
logo NAVER CorpNAVER Corp,672   
logo Aruba S.p.aAruba S.p.a,192  Yes
logo Quadranet, IncQuadranet, Inc,624  Yes
logo HostMySite.comHostMySite.com,320   
logo Baidu Inc.Baidu Inc.,513   
logo iWeb Technologies Inc.iWeb Technologies Inc.,308   
logo Yandex Llc.Yandex Llc.,578  Yes
logo It7 Networks IncIt7 Networks Inc,224  Yes
logo M247 LtdM247 Ltd,161  Yes
logo Fortress Integrated TechnologiesFortress Integrated Technologies,568   
logo Imperva, Inc.Imperva, Inc.,096   
logo KW Datacenter CAKW Datacenter CA,160  Yes
logo Yahoo! JAPANYahoo! JAPAN,880   
logo DediPathDediPath,440   
logo HostwayHostway,944   
logo KryptKrypt,896   
logo S.A.,064  Yes
logo sPD Hosting LTD.sPD Hosting LTD.,236   
logo latisyslatisys,752   
logo GHOSTnet GmbH GHOSTnet GmbH,494   
logo Daou TechnologyDaou Technology,632   
logo MetaMeta,832  Yes
logo Liquid WebLiquid Web,512   
logo WebsiteWelcome.comWebsiteWelcome.com,512   
logo Pair NetworksPair Networks,416   
logo ZenlayerZenlayer,756   
logo Input Output Flood LLCInput Output Flood LLC,368   
logo Claranet limitedClaranet limited,847   
logo Equinix, Inc.Equinix, Inc.,524  Yes
logo MULTACOM Inc.MULTACOM Inc.,248   
logo Layered Technologies IncLayered Technologies Inc,176   
logo Phoenix NAP, LLCPhoenix NAP, LLC,144   
logo SavvisSavvis,128   
logo Strato AGStrato AG,616   
logo ServerCentralServerCentral,032   
logo DreamhostDreamhost,944  Yes
logo IP Exchange GmbHIP Exchange GmbH,376   
logo ServiHosting Networks S.L.ServiHosting Networks S.L.,840   
logo DataCamp LimitedDataCamp Limited,645  Yes
logo Peak10Peak10,912   
logo Newtek Technology Solutions, IncNewtek Technology Solutions, Inc,648   
logo HostRoyale Technologies Pvt LtdHostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd,394  Yes
logo Fasthosts Internet LtdFasthosts Internet Ltd,864  Yes
logo DatapipeDatapipe,040   
logo xservers.roxservers.ro,528   
logo Gmo Internet, IncGmo Internet, Inc,992  Yes
logo American Internet ServicesAmerican Internet Services,456   
logo GZ Systems (PureVPN)GZ Systems (PureVPN),166   
logo hosting.uahosting.ua,384   
logo Colocation America IncColocation America Inc,360   
logo HostStore, Inc.HostStore, Inc.,360   
logo Wholesale Internet, IncWholesale Internet, Inc,312   
logo Zscaler, Inc.Zscaler, Inc.,032   
logo colo4dallas.comcolo4dallas.com,752   
logo LayerHost.comLayerHost.com,488   
logo Transip Bv.Transip Bv.,248  Yes
logo XT Global Networks LTDXT Global Networks LTD,768   
logo 1000dedi.net1000dedi.net,072   
logo 24Shells24Shells,072   
logo Webair Internet Development IncWebair Internet Development Inc,976   
logo G-Core Labs S.A.G-Core Labs S.A.,448  Yes
logo Optimate ServerOptimate Server,880   
logo True B.V.True B.V.,680  Yes
logo Redstation LimitedRedstation Limited,535  Yes
logo Selectel Ltd.Selectel Ltd.,072   
logo Sharktech Inc.Sharktech Inc.,832  Yes
logo The Endurance International Group IncThe Endurance International Group Inc,544   
logo Web2Objects GmbHWeb2Objects GmbH,664   
logo SteadfastSteadfast,640   
logo Stackpath, LLCStackpath, LLC,304   
logo kinx.netkinx.net,592   
logo myLocmyLoc,121  Yes
logo Media TempleMedia Temple,608   
logo LightEdge Solutions, Inc.LightEdge Solutions, Inc.,497   
logo cari.netcari.net,496   
logo iomart Hosting Ltdiomart Hosting Ltd,728   
logo Xneelo (Pty) LtdXneelo (Pty) Ltd,472   
logo HopOneHopOne,400   
logo VK GroupVK Group,400   
logo accelerated.deaccelerated.de,840   
logo BuyVM (frantech)BuyVM (frantech),304  Yes
logo Sp.z.o.o,304   
logo VoxelVoxel,535   
logo root S.A.root S.A.,720   
logo WebNX Inc.WebNX Inc.,384   
logo Limestone NetworksLimestone Networks,500  Yes
logo TierPoint, LLCTierPoint, LLC,136   
logo Radore HostingRadore Hosting,112   
logo Performive LLCPerformive LLC,832  Yes
logo Canaca-com Inc.Canaca-com Inc.http://canaca.com86,016   
logo NetworkLayer TechnologiesNetworkLayer Technologies,016   
logo Nexeon Technologies, IncNexeon Technologies, Inc,016  Yes
logo THG companyTHG company,952   
logo Limelight Networks IncLimelight Networks Inc,480   
logo Inc,480   
logo Hivelocity HostingHivelocity Hosting,225   
logo A2 Hosting, Inc.A2 Hosting, Inc.,664   
logo LinkedIn Inc.LinkedIn Inc.,896  Yes
logo Peak Web HostingPeak Web Hosting,384   
logo Internet Vikings ABInternet Vikings AB,008   
logo Interserver, Inc.Interserver, Inc.,864   
logo demosdemos,592   
logo BlueConnexBlueConnex,080   
logo Masterhost.ruMasterhost.ru,080   
logo InMotion Hosting, Inc.InMotion Hosting, Inc.,056   
logo ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbHANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH,864  Yes
logo netcup GmbHnetcup GmbH,264  Yes
logo VersaWebVersaWeb,984  Yes
logo Data 102Data 102,728   
logo DatapointDatapoint,728   
logo panamaserver.companamaserver.com,960   
logo Webcentral Pty LtdWebcentral Pty Ltd,680   
logo Green House Data, IncGreen House Data, Inc,656   
logo ServIntServInt,656   
logo UK2 GroupUK2 Group,904   
logo MojoHostMojoHosthttp://www.mojohost.com69,632   
logo Krakowskie e-Centrum InformatyczneKrakowskie e-Centrum Informatyczne,584   
logo Powerhouse ManagementPowerhouse Management,048   
logo xTom GmbHxTom GmbH,664   
logo CiscoCisco,536   
logo EpicUpEpicUp,536   
logo GoogleGoogle,536  Yes
logo LogicWeb Inc.LogicWeb Inc.,536   
logo Star-Hosting e.K.Star-Hosting e.K.,536   
logo VelcomVelcom,536   
logo WebARENAWebARENA,536   
logo RazorRazor,488   
logo LINK11 GmbhLINK11 Gmbh,440   
logo Nodes Direct Holdings, LLCNodes Direct Holdings, LLC,440   
logo PortlanePortlane,440  Yes
logo,, Inc,440   
logo domainfactory GmbHdomainfactory GmbH,312  Yes
logo Gorilla ServersGorilla Servers,416   
logo acens Technologiesacens Technologies,392   
logo QuickPacket, LLCQuickPacket, LLC,880   
logo FirstVDSFirstVDS,370  Yes
logo TsohostTsohost,368  Yes
logo KnownHost LLCKnownHost LLC,159   
logo Arsys internet S.L.Arsys internet S.L.,040   
logo cyberwurx.comcyberwurx.com,344   
logo K&k Corporation LtdK&k Corporation Ltd,344   
logo HostingerHostinger,807  Yes
logo Servers AustraliaServers Australia,527  Yes
logo DimeNOCDimeNOC,248   
logo Handy Networks LLCHandy Networks LLC,248  Yes
logo Jumpline IncJumpline Inc,248   
logo thorn.netthorn.net,248   
logo Hydra Communications Ltd.Hydra Communications Ltd.,152   
logo UK Dedicated Servers LTDUK Dedicated Servers LTD,092  Yes
logo NFOrce Entertainment B.V.NFOrce Entertainment B.V.,806  Yes
logo RamNode LLCRamNode LLC,224  Yes
logo Staminus CommunicationsStaminus Communications,224   
logo GigeNETGigeNET,718   
logo TE BilişimTE Bilişim,432   
logo simcentricsimcentric,176   
logo Reliable HostingReliable Hosting,704   
logo PacketHub S.A.PacketHub S.A.,520   
logo UpCloudUpCloud,104  Yes
logo EasyHost BVBAEasyHost BVBA,112   
logo IPC (IP Converge Data Services, Inc.)IPC (IP Converge Data Services, Inc.),080   
logo SYN LTD.SYN LTD.,824  Yes
logo Gandi SASGandi SAS,568  Yes
logo KVC Hosting LLCKVC Hosting LLC,568   
logo ColoStoreColoStore,056   
logo Oz Servers Pty Ltd.Oz Servers Pty Ltd.,056   
logo Pulsant LtdPulsant Ltd,056  Yes
logo Bytemark LimitedBytemark Limited,848  Yes
logo Ikoula SasIkoula Sas,255   
logo Incero LLC.Incero LLC.,032  Yes
logo wiredtreewiredtree,032   
logo EDIS GmbHEDIS GmbH,362  Yes
logo Afrihost (Pty) LtdAfrihost (Pty) Ltd,752   
logo BlazingSEOBlazingSEO,240   
logo Solar VPS LLCSolar VPS LLC,240   
logo Crucial Paradigm Pty. LtdCrucial Paradigm Pty. Ltd,984   
logo EcritelEcritel,984   
logo Nano IT SIANano IT SIA,984  Yes
logo Cloud SouthCloud South,472   
logo First Colo GmbHFirst Colo GmbH,216   
logo NYINYI,216   
logo,, Inc,962   
logo Lunar PagesLunar Pages,960   
logo NetelligentNetelligent,960   
logo Unbelievable MachineUnbelievable Machine,960   
logo avantehosting.netavantehosting.net,936   
logo Master InternetMaster Internet,936  Yes
logo TimeWeb Co. LTDTimeWeb Co. LTD,936  Yes
logo Gyron Internet LtdGyron Internet Ltd,424   
logo InfoboxInfobox,912   
logo Packet Host, Inc.Packet Host, Inc.,144   
logo Joyent Inc.Joyent Inc.,888   
logo SWITCH Communications Group LLCSWITCH Communications Group LLC,888   
logo ISPpro Internet KGISPpro Internet KG,248  Yes
logo Reflected NetworksReflected Networks,164   
logo Carat NetworksCarat Networks,864   
logo CyberverseCyberverse,864   
logo westhostwesthost,864   
logo Internetdienste Internetdienste GmbH,618   
logo ReliableSite.Net LLCReliableSite.Net LLC,608  Yes
logo Vivid-Hosting, LLCVivid-Hosting, LLC,840   
logo Netinternet Bilisim Teknolojileri ASNetinternet Bilisim Teknolojileri AS,328   
logo Seeweb S.r.lSeeweb S.r.l,920  Yes
logo VoxilityVoxility,912   
logo Atlantic MetroAtlantic Metro,816   
logo Turnkey InternetTurnkey Internet,816  Yes
logo iomart Group plciomart Group plc,352   
logo Nexcess.Net, LLCNexcess.Net, LLC,304   
logo Datasoft Networks Inc.Datasoft Networks Inc.,048   
logo,, Inc.,800   
logo prolocation.netprolocation.net,784  Yes
logo Palo Alto NetworksPalo Alto Networks,024   
logo AdvancedHostersAdvancedHosters,768   
logo Bigtip, IncBigtip, Inc,768   
logo Data FoundryData Foundry,768   
logo datahouse.nldatahouse.nl,768   
logo EdgeUno Inc.EdgeUno Inc.,768   
logo Global Data Service JSCGlobal Data Service JSC,768   
logo High Speed Web, Inc.High Speed Web, Inc.,768   
logo i3d.neti3d.net,768   
logo ipHouseipHouse,768   
logo Line Corporation, Ltd.Line Corporation, Ltd.,768   
logo LogicWorksLogicWorks,768   
logo Netgroup DenmarkNetgroup Denmark,768   
logo netriplexnetriplex,768   
logo Packetexchange, IncPacketexchange, Inc,768   
logo ServercentricServercentric,768   
logo Take 2 HostingTake 2 Hosting,768   
logo travailsystems.comtravailsystems.com,768   
logo VPLSVPLS,768   
logo webvisions.comwebvisions.com,768   
logo Namecheap, Inc.Namecheap, Inc.,729   
logo Core-Backbone GmbHCore-Backbone GmbH,512  Yes
logo Proofpoint, Inc.Proofpoint, Inc.,744   
logo HostKeyHostKey,168  Yes
logo Easyspace LtdEasyspace Ltd,831  Yes
logo Axarnet Comunicaciones, S.LAxarnet Comunicaciones, S.L,720   
logo CoderoCodero,720   
logo Missdomain Group ABMissdomain Group AB,041   
logo availo.noavailo.no,952   
logo WorldStreamWorldStream,952   
logo ITL GroupITL Group,824  Yes
logo Landis Holdings Inc.Landis Holdings Inc.,696   
logo Volume DriveVolume Drive,440   
logo Grid TelekomGrid Telekom,928   
logo SuperNetwork s.r.o.SuperNetwork s.r.o.,928   
logo Tagadab Ltd.Tagadab Ltd.,696  Yes
logo ASERGOASERGO,672  Yes
logo Broadriver Inc.Broadriver Inc.,672   
logo Host Department LLCHost Department LLC,672   
logo NVIDIANVIDIA,672   
logo Perfect IPPerfect IP,672   
logo Virtacore SystemsVirtacore Systems,672   
logo CtrlSCtrlS,671   
logo AVASTAVAST,372   
logo Clouvider LtdClouvider Ltd,171   
logo Clouvider Ltd.Clouvider Ltd.,171   
logo AltusHost B.V.AltusHost B.V.,116   
logo AltusHost B.V.AltusHost B.V.,116   
logo Infomaniak Network SAInfomaniak Network SA,808   
logo Continuum Data CentersContinuum Data Centers,648   
logo Dedicated ServersDedicated Servers,648   
logo Automattic, Inc.Automattic, Inc.,434   
logo Omnilance Ltd.Omnilance Ltd.,136  Yes
logo basefarm.combasefarm.com,880   
logo IBMIBM,880  Yes
logo Silicon Valley Web HostingSilicon Valley Web Hosting,624   
logo Fortinet, Inc.Fortinet, Inc.,168  Yes
logo Strong Technology, LLCStrong Technology, LLC,112   
logo CloudVPS (XLS Hosting)CloudVPS (XLS Hosting),967   
logo CombellCombell,856   
logo VpsquanVpsquan,688   
logo Beyond.plBeyond.pl,652  Yes
logo GloboTech CommunicationsGloboTech Communications,600  Yes
logo J2 Australia Hosting Pty LtdJ2 Australia Hosting Pty Ltd,600   
logo 23Media23Media,576   
logo CyberconCybercon,576   
logo HostirianHostirian,576   
logo KingHost Hospedagem de Sites Ltda.KingHost Hospedagem de Sites Ltda.,576  Yes
logo RackForceRackForce,576   
logo Shinjiru Technology Sdn BhdShinjiru Technology Sdn Bhd,576   
logo CLARA ONLINE, Inc.CLARA ONLINE, Inc.,384   
logo JoeS Datacenter, LLCJoeS Datacenter, LLC,552   
logo Digital Network JSCDigital Network JSC,296   
logo ZOMRO B.V.ZOMRO B.V.,782   
logo meerfarbig GmbH & Co. KGmeerfarbig GmbH & Co. KG,704   
logo Private Layer INCPrivate Layer INC,528  Yes
logo Micron21Micron21,526   
logo CODE200CODE200,944   
logo Code200, UABCode200, UAB,944   
logo Opera Software ASOpera Software AS,800  Yes
logo Wow Technologies, Inc.Wow Technologies, Inc.,760  Yes
logo hostnet.nlhostnet.nl,504   
logo MarosnetMarosnet,992   
logo MittwaldMittwald,992   
logo SwiftwaySwiftway,592  Yes
logo serverboost.nlserverboost.nl,544   
logo AITAIT,480   
logo ethr.netethr.net,480   
logo GearhostGearhost,480   
logo KirzKirz,480   
logo SunnyVision Limited.SunnyVision Limited.,480   
logo DeltaHostDeltaHost,224   
logo Trabia NetworkTrabia Network,224  Yes
logo PCextreme B.V.PCextreme B.V.,128  Yes
logo Hqhost.netHqhost.net,712   
logo Internet Cz, a.sInternet Cz, a.s,520   
logo colocall.netcolocall.net,456   
logo Reg.ruReg.ru,456  Yes
logo EZZI.netEZZI.net,960   
logo LiteServer B.V.LiteServer B.V.,877   
logo Intuit Inc.Intuit Inc.,688   
logo Kamatera, Inc.Kamatera, Inc.,688   
logo mchost.rumchost.ru,688   
logo MelbicomMelbicom,688  Yes
logo Dunkel GmbHDunkel GmbH,656   
logo awknetawknet,432   
logo dinahostingdinahosting,432   
logo nine.chnine.ch,432   
logo The BunkerThe Bunker,432   
logo Web WerksWeb Werks,430   
logo B.V.,384   
logo Cloudroute, LLCCloudroute, LLC,176   
logo HEKKO.PLHEKKO.PL,176  Yes
logo Rapidseedbox Ltd.Rapidseedbox Ltd.,176  Yes
logo GleSYS Internet Services ABGleSYS Internet Services AB,920   
logo NetroutingNetrouting,920   
logo ATM S.A.ATM S.A.,824  Yes
logo Safenames Ltd.Safenames Ltd.,696   
logo Hosterion SRLHosterion SRL,664   
logo PatrikWebPatrikWeb,664   
logo ConnectingBytes GbmhConnectingBytes Gbmh,408   
logo PrivateSystems.netPrivateSystems.net,408   
logo Serveriai.ltServeriai.lt,408  Yes
logo Digital PacificDigital Pacific,896   
logo Vautron AGVautron AG,896   
logo Yghost IncYghost Inc,896  Yes
logo Wedos Internet, a.sWedos Internet, a.s,672  Yes
logo DONWEB ( SRL)DONWEB ( SRL),640  Yes
logo ihc.ruihc.ru,640   
logo B.V.,585  Yes
logo rh-tec Business GmbHrh-tec Business GmbH,432   
logo Rusonyx Ltd.Rusonyx Ltd.,385   
logo 1blu AG1blu AG,384   
logo AccelerateBiz Inc.AccelerateBiz Inc.,384   
logo AppNexus, IncAppNexus, Inc,384   
logo BurstNETBurstNET,384   
logo CloudatCostCloudatCost,384   
logo Colomx LlcColomx Llc,384   
logo DedFiberCoDedFiberCo,384   
logo eUKhosteUKhost,384   
logo EZ Web Hosting, Inc.EZ Web Hosting, Inc.,384   
logo Hosting ConceptsHosting Concepts,384   
logo myLocmyLoc,384  Yes
logo Netclusive GmbHNetclusive GmbH,384   
logo Ningxia Western Cloud Data Technology Co. Ltd.Ningxia Western Cloud Data Technology Co. Ltd.,384   
logo Premia Networks CorporationPremia Networks Corporation,384   
logo QTSQTS,384   
logo Roya HostingRoya Hosting,384   
logo Secure Private NetworkSecure Private Network,384   
logo ServerBeach Dedicated ServersServerBeach Dedicated Servers,384   
logo SV COLOSV COLO,384  Yes
logo Techie MediaTechie Media,384   
logo Virpus NetworksVirpus Networks,384   
logo VolicoVolico,384   
logo Webhosting.netWebhosting.net,384   
logo Hosting Ukraine Ltd.Hosting Ukraine Ltd.,872  Yes
logo Magic OnlineMagic Online,616   
logo colo@colo@,360   
logo Host Virtual, IncHost Virtual, Inc,360  Yes
logo Fine Group Servers LLCFine Group Servers LLC,104   
logo Host-itHost-it,104   
logo MVPS ltd.MVPS ltd.,976   
logo Flexwebhosting BVFlexwebhosting BV,848   
logo Hosthatch Inc.Hosthatch Inc.,848   
logo Loopia ABLoopia AB,848  Yes
logo Panq BVPanq BV,848   
logo A Small Orange, LLC.A Small Orange, LLC.,766   
logo Vorboss LimitedVorboss Limited,592   
logo ZAP-Hosting GmbH & Co. KGZAP-Hosting GmbH & Co. KG,592   
logo Fiber Hub IncFiber Hub Inc,336   
logo Titan Internet LtdTitan Internet Ltd,336   
logo Tsukaeru.netTsukaeru.net,336   
logo Latitude.shLatitude.sh,080   
logo Njalla (1337 Services LLC)Njalla (1337 Services LLC),080   
logo Confluence Networks IncConfluence Networks Inc,864   
logo VNET a.s.VNET a.s.,761   
logo XMissionXMission,568   
logo LLC,555   
logo Venyu Solutions Inc.Venyu Solutions Inc.,320   
logo FastmetricsFastmetrics,312   
logo Future Hosting IncFuture Hosting Inc,312   
logo HostRocketHostRocket,312   
logo ihnetworks.netihnetworks.net,312   
logo Uniserver NLUniserver NL,312   
logo VPSCheap.NETVPSCheap.NET,312  Yes
logo Bradler & Krantz GmbH & Co KGBradler & Krantz GmbH & Co KG,096   
logo CaronetCaronet,056   
logo Fork Networking, Inc.Fork Networking, Inc.,056  Yes
logo nedzone.nlnedzone.nl,800   
logo Slask Data Center PLSlask Data Center PL,800   
logo Servage GmbHServage GmbH,608   
logo City Network Hosting ABCity Network Hosting AB,560   
logo BaCloud.comBaCloud.com,544   
logo ExabytesExabytes,544   
logo IGNUM, s.r.o.IGNUM, s.r.o.,544  Yes
logo US Dedicated, LLC.US Dedicated, LLC.,544  Yes
logo Xtraordinary Networks LimitedXtraordinary Networks Limited,544   
logo H4Y Technologies LLCH4Y Technologies LLC,411   
logo Surfshark Ltd.Surfshark Ltd.,320   
logo Coolhousing.netCoolhousing.net,304  Yes
logo Centrilogic, IncCentrilogic, Inc,296   
logo 4rweb.com4rweb.com,288   
logo AcenetAcenet,288   
logo ActiveHostActiveHost,288   
logo Atjeu Publishing LLCAtjeu Publishing LLC,288   
logo Blackboard Inc.Blackboard Inc.,288   
logo CAT data centerCAT data center,288   
logo China Telecom AmericasChina Telecom Americas,288   
logo d.o.o.,288   
logo EdgewebhostingEdgewebhosting,288   
logo Fevvo, Inc.Fevvo, Inc.,288   
logo Host DepotHost Depot,288   
logo inline.deinline.de,288   
logo Majestic Hosting Solutions, LLCMajestic Hosting Solutions, LLC,288   
logo My-Tec.bzMy-Tec.bz,288   
logo prioritycolo.comprioritycolo.com,288   
logo ServerSpace LimitedServerSpace Limited,288  Yes
logo Tailor Made ServersTailor Made Servers,288   
logo Tzulo, Inc.Tzulo, Inc.,288   
logo Verisign, Inc.Verisign, Inc.,288   
logo YourColoYourColo,288   
logo BeGet LtdBeGet Ltd,032   
logo Biznes-Host.plBiznes-Host.pl,032   
logo GmbH,032   
logo mirohost.netmirohost.net,776   
logo Gigas Hosting S.A.Gigas Hosting S.A.,520   
logo ServinusServinus,520  Yes
logo VDSina.ruVDSina.ru,520   
logo ndchost.comndchost.com,264   
logo TeraGo NetworksTeraGo Networks,264   
logo VSHosting s.r.o.VSHosting s.r.o.,264  Yes
logo YesUpYesUp,264   
logo Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.,264   
logo Datasource AgDatasource Ag,008   
logo Qhoster LtdQhoster Ltd,840   
logo LLC,815   
logo Speedbone GmbhSpeedbone Gmbh,769   
logo 2dayhost.com2dayhost.com,752   
logo DataNOCDataNOC,752   
logo Oktawave Sp. z o.o.Oktawave Sp. z o.o.,752   
logo Oxilion BVOxilion BV,752  Yes
logo Redhosting B.V.Redhosting B.V.,752   
logo Amanah Tech IncAmanah Tech Inc,376  Yes
logo 23VNet KFT23VNet KFT,240   
logo Alpha Mega HostingAlpha Mega Hosting,240   
logo Astutium LtdAstutium Ltd,240   
logo eukhost.comeukhost.com,240   
logo gorack.netgorack.net,240   
logo GmbH,240   
logo LiquidNet LtdLiquidNet Ltd,240   
logo MxhostMxhost,240   
logo US ColoUS Colo,240   
logo WebaltaWebalta,240   
logo servinga GmbHservinga GmbH,047  Yes
logo Virty.ioVirty.io,984   
logo IS Group B.V.IS Group B.V.,916   
logo Sprint S.ASprint S.A,856  Yes
logo LWSLWS,744   
logo CloudLixCloudLix,728   
logo DMIT, Inc.DMIT, Inc.,728   
logo FirstHebergFirstHeberg,728   
logo HZ Hosting LtdHZ Hosting Ltd,728  Yes
logo Kaspersky LabKaspersky Lab,540   
logo Webzilla, Inc.Webzilla, Inc.,536   
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logo LoveServers LTDLoveServers LTD,536  Yes
logo mtw.rumtw.ru,536   
logo NeoHostNeoHost,536   
logo Netminders Data SolutionNetminders Data Solution,536   
logo nthost.runthost.ru,536   
logo Quadronet LLCQuadronet LLC,536  Yes
logo Rambler&CoRambler&Co,536   
logo Tangram UkraineTangram Ukraine,536   
logo TutHostTutHost,536   
logo Web4ce, s.r.o.Web4ce, s.r.o.,536   
logo Your Hosting B.V.Your Hosting B.V.,536   
logo ZBSCloudZBSCloud,536   
logo PS.kzPS.kz,408   
logo SSDCloud.BGSSDCloud.BG,408   
logo AlmaAlma,376   
logo Croatian Web HostingCroatian Web Hosting,360   
logo conova communications GmbHconova communications GmbH,356  Yes
logo KONTENT GmbHKONTENT GmbH,352   
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logo Cloud.dkCloud.dk,344   
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logo 2 Cloud Ltd.2 Cloud Ltd.,280   
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logo Global Cloud InfrastructureGlobal Cloud Infrastructure,280   
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logo IBEE HostingIBEE Hosting,280  Yes
logo LeafcloudLeafcloud,280   
logo MedyabimMedyabim,280   
logo Qwant SASQwant SAS,280   
logo Rethem Hosting LlcRethem Hosting Llc,280   
logo RouterHostingRouterHosting,280   
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logo SeedVPSSeedVPS,152  Yes
logo myVirtualserver.commyVirtualserver.com,092   
logo IP ServerIP Server,088   
logo Real Comm srlReal Comm srl,088   
logo niobeweb.netniobeweb.net,064   
logo Zwiebelfreunde e.V.Zwiebelfreunde e.V.,048  Yes
logo 0x2A Datacenter0x2A Datacenter,024   
logo AdvaniaAdvania,024   
logo Alpha1ServersAlpha1Servers,024   
logo Alvotech NetherlandsAlvotech Netherlands,024   
logo ApollonApollon,024   
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logo Heureka Shopping s.r.o.Heureka Shopping s.r.o.,024  Yes
logo host.ithost.it,024   
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logo HQservHQserv,024  Yes
logo HupohostHupohost,024   
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logo elitehostelitehost   
logo Emerald OnionEmerald Onion  Yes
logo ESTTESTT   
logo Exonet B.V.Exonet B.V.  Yes
logo F3 Netze e.V.F3 Netze e.V.  Yes
logo Fine GroupFine Group   
logo FineVPN.comFineVPN.com   
logo Finnish Administrators ReunitedFinnish Administrators Reunited   
logo Flaunt7Flaunt7   
logo Foundation for Applied PrivacyFoundation for Applied Privacy   
logo go4cloudgo4cloud   
logo Grier ForensicsGrier Forensics   
logo Güzel HostingGüzel Hosting   
logo HitMe.plHitMe.pl   
logo HostEONSHostEONS   
logo HostgradHostgrad   
logo Hostiko LLCHostiko LLC   
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logo Idee Inc.Idee Inc.   
logo incubatec GmbH - Srlincubatec GmbH - Srlhttp://www.incubatec.com256   
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logo Internet Census GroupInternet Census Group   
logo Internet Info, S.r.oInternet Info, S.r.o   
logo Internet Memory ResearchInternet Memory Research   
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logo iPipe International CorpiPipe International Corp   
logo IWS NetworksIWS Networks   
logo JeanComputech CorporationJeanComputech Corporation  Yes
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logo Koehler Internet ServicesKoehler Internet Services   
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logo Localhost S.aLocalhost S.a   
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logo Maxindo Mitra Solusi, PTMaxindo Mitra Solusi, PT   
logo MicroSerum Inc.MicroSerum Inc.  Yes
logo MIRhostingMIRhosting   
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logo myh2oservers.commyh2oservers.com   
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logo Net Systems ResearchNet Systems Research   
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logo ntx.runtx.ru   
logo OvO Systems Ltd.OvO Systems Ltd.   
logo PantheonPantheon  Yes
logo POHODA-SERVIS spol. s r.o.POHODA-SERVIS spol. s r.o.   
logo ProDos s.r.o.ProDos s.r.o.   
logo proinity GmbHproinity GmbH  Yes
logo Ready IDCReady IDC   
logo Registro .itRegistro .it   
logo relayon.orgrelayon.org  Yes
logo Rent a RackRent a Rack   
logo Rootwelt, LLCRootwelt, LLC   
logo RTCommRTComm   
logo Sadecehosting TurkeySadecehosting Turkey   
logo SBY-TelecomSBY-Telecom   
logo Scala Hosting LLC.Scala Hosting LLC.   
logo ServachokServachok   
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logo SIA HostnetSIA Hostnet   
logo SinaVPSSinaVPS   
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logo smart-hosting.rosmart-hosting.ro   
logo Spartan Host Ltd.Spartan Host Ltd.   
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logo StormyCloud IncStormyCloud Inc  Yes
logo Sunshine Web Hosting, Inc Sunshine Web Hosting, Inc   
logo SwiftSlotsSwiftSlots   
logo Kft   
logo T.K ByTech LTD.T.K ByTech LTD.   
logo Tecnocrática Centro de Datos S.L.Tecnocrática Centro de Datos S.L.   
logo Tentacle Networks OyTentacle Networks Oy   
logo tube-hosting.detube-hosting.de   
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logo Universal LayerUniversal Layer   
logo V6 Consumer Connect LlcV6 Consumer Connect Llc   
logo VCCL Cloud Pvt LtdVCCL Cloud Pvt Ltd   
logo VPS4LessVPS4Less   
logo VuhuvVuhuv   
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logo xentime.comxentime.com   
logo XeonBDXeonBD   
logo XET Ltd.XET Ltd.  Yes
logo YoHost.orgYoHost.org   
logo Z-Tv CorpZ-Tv Corp   
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logo s.r.o.   
logo Hosixy LLCHosixy LLC   
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logo Evymo s.r.o.Evymo s.r.o.   
logo HostParkHostPark   
logo Internet Marketing NinjasInternet Marketing Ninjas   
logo ixam-hostingixam-hosting   
logo Neustar, Inc.Neustar, Inc.   
logo Persona HostPersona Host   
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logo Sidetrade SASidetrade SA   
logo Volia DatacenterVolia Datacenter   
logo Yeahhost Sdn Bhd.Yeahhost Sdn Bhd.   
logo Reserver.ruReserver.ru   
logo Broceliand SASBroceliand SAS   
logo Digitalcourage e. V.Digitalcourage e. V.   
logo FreeFind.comFreeFind.com   
logo Hart voor InternetvrijheidHart voor Internetvrijheid   
logo Neticle Labs Ltd.Neticle Labs Ltd.   
logo RiffleRiffle   
logo Scrub The WebScrub The Web   
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logo Twingly ABTwingly AB   
logo Wotbox TeamWotbox Team   
logo Alibaba HostAlibaba Host   
logo Ares HostingAres Hosting   
logo Ce Colo CZCe Colo CZ  Yes
logo Lab Lab s.r.o.   
logo Dotcom-Monitor, Inc.Dotcom-Monitor, Inc.   
logo e.venturese.ventures   
logo LoftmailLoftmail   
logo mnogobyte.rumnogobyte.ru   
logo MRG Web Services srlMRG Web Services srl   
logo Name Intelligence Inc.Name Intelligence Inc.   
logo ANZ.ruANZ.ru   
logo InternetVista SAInternetVista SA   
logo SBA Research gGmbHSBA Research gGmbH   
logo SeekQuarry, LLCSeekQuarry, LLC   
logo SuperFlexSuperFlex   
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