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Local parser is very fast and accurate useragent string detection solution. Enables developers to locally install and integrate a highly-scalable product.

We provide the detection of the devices (personal computer, tablet, Smart TV, Game console etc.), operating system and client SW type (browser, e-mail client etc.). It also provides information about IP addresses (Public proxies, VPN services, Tor exit nodes, Fake crawlers, Web scrapers .. etc.)

Local parser

Suitable for

  • high-volume detection operations
  • big projects
  • your devices

Accuracy and speed

  • accuracy and speed through the combination of high-quality data and efficient data structure


  • constantly update and expand the database
  • minimum one per week update of udger DB is available via a direct download URL

Open and extensibility

  • full access to data and source code - you can open and modify the DB files and PHP, .NET, JAVA ... client
  • integration into their own applications and devices

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Local parser
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