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TXT-RPC old ( External link compatible)

Send GET request to http:/ with following parameters.

uastrigstring UA konverted by base64
keyprivate accesskey string

Request example for UA "Googlebot-Image/1.0" sended by metod GET:[ACCESS_KEY]&ua=R29vZ2xlYm90LUltYWdlLzEuMA==


Answer format includes selection of following values (encoded in UTF-8):

Return code of communication:
unknown OS
unknown UA
unknown OS and UA
incorrect acceskey
System error
errortextstring type valueError descriptoon, useful for flag "4" and "5" only
"mobile browser"
"email client"
"wap browser"
"offline browser"
"ua anonymizer"
User agent type
ua_namestring type value
User agent name or "unknown"
ua_familystring type value
User agent family name or "unknown"
ua_urlstring type value
User agend URL or "unknown"
ua_companystring type value
User agent producer or "unknown"
ua_company_urlstring type value
User agent producer URL or "unknown"
ua_iconstring type value
User agent icon URL or "unknown"
os_namestring type value
User agent OS name or "unknown"
os_familystring type value
User agent OS family name or "unknown"
os_urlstring type value
User agent OS home URL or "unknown"
os_companystring type value
OS producer or "unknown"
os_company_urlstring type value
OS producer home URL or "unknown"
os_iconstring type value
OS icon URL or "unknown"

Error answer (example):

5|system error

Correct answer (example):

1|robot|Googlebot-Image|Googlebot-Image/1.0|| ..... etc.

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