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Available data for parsers

datafile_namesubscription typeDescription
versionLocal and Cloud parserCurent data version
Format: YYYYMMDD-NN (NN is the serial number of day)
udgerdb_v3.datLocal parserData v3 - sqlite3 format
udger db v3
udgerdb_v3_dat.md5Local parserMD5 hash for udgerdb_v3.dat
udgerdb_v3_dat.sha1Local parserSHA1 hash for udgerdb_v3.dat
udgerdb_v3-noip.datLocal parserData v3 - sqlite3 format - No IP address information (to save memory for those who do not need IP address information)
udgerdb_v3_dat-noip.md5Local parserMD5 hash for udgerdb_v3-noip.dat
udgerdb_v3_dat-noip.sha1Local parserSHA1 hash for udgerdb_v3-noip.dat
udgerdb.datLocal parserData v2 - sqlite3 format
udger db
udgerdb_dat.md5Local parserMD5 hash for udgerdb.dat
udgerdb_dat.sha1Local parserSHA1 hash for udgerdb.dat
udgerdata_old.iniLocal parserData v1 - INI format
udgerdata_old_ini.md5Local parserMD5 hash for udgerdata_old.ini
udgerdata_old_ini.sha1Local parserSHA1 hash for udgerdata_old.ini
udgerdata_old.xmlLocal parserData v1 - XML format
udgerdata_old_xml.md5Local parserMD5 hash for udgerdata_old.xml
udgerdata_old_xml.sha1Local parserSHA1 hash for udgerdata_old.xml
udgerdata_devicemarketname.xmlLocal parserData v1 - Device market name XML format separate file
udgerdata_devicemarketname_xml.md5Local parserMD5 hash for udgerdata_devicemarketname.xml
udgerdata_devicemarketname_xml.sha1Local parserSHA1 hash for udgerdata_devicemarketname.xmll
udgerdata_old_ascii.xmlLocal parserData v1 - XML (ASCI) forrmat
udgerdata_old_xml_ascii.md5Local parserMD5 hash for udgerdata_old_ascii.xml
udgerdata_old_xml_ascii.sha1Local parserSHA1 hash for udgerdata_old_ascii.xml
ico_ua.zipLocal and Cloud parserUA icons
ico_os.zipLocal and Cloud parserOS icons
ico_device.zipLocal and Cloud parserDevices icons
ico_brand.zipLocal and Cloud parserDevices brad icons

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