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Crawlers (Robots)Last seenbot URLProducer URL
logo PritTorrent2018-08-19 19:15:58UP
logo Feedly2018-08-19 19:15:11UPUP
logo Blogtrottr2018-08-19 18:55:45UP
logo bots2018-08-19 18:51:35UP
logo SeznamBot2018-08-19 18:49:28UPUP
logo FeedBurner2018-08-19 17:41:56UP
logo feeder.co2018-08-19 17:32:14UPUP
logo Specificfeeds2018-08-19 17:22:54UP
logo RSS/Atom Feed Robot2018-08-19 17:00:56UP
logo RSSingBot2018-08-19 16:06:45UP
logo FeedBunch2018-08-19 15:43:14UP
logo Feedspotbot2018-08-19 13:12:52UPUP
logo Feedfetcher-Google2018-08-19 07:29:32UPUP
logo FlipboardBot2018-08-19 07:21:55UPUP
logo theoldreader.com2018-07-26 10:50:32UP
logo Feedwind2018-07-18 17:03:13UPUP
logo g2reader-bot2018-07-18 17:02:06UP
logo FeedRssBot2018-07-17 00:02:06UP
logo CommaFeed2018-07-10 07:39:14UP
logo Awario crawler2018-07-04 15:19:56UPUP
logo Netvibes2018-07-02 23:41:54UPUP
logo inoreader.com2018-04-30 06:02:59UP
logo FeedBucket2018-04-26 07:00:08UP
logo Feedbin2018-04-26 06:58:09UP
logo Miniflux2018-02-08 17:55:13UPUP
logo NIF2018-01-23 10:41:50UPUP

Maybe inactive robots (One year we have not heard about them)
logo HootSuite crawler2017-06-07 12:36:06UP
logo Yoleo Consumer2016-10-04 14:17:30UP
logo Zemanta2016-09-16 20:07:23UP
logo FFbot2016-08-28 04:24:36UP
logo sogou spider2016-08-11 01:07:17UPUP
logo Applebot2016-07-14 13:40:03UPUP
logo jpg-newsbot2016-04-20 23:57:21UPUP

Historical (Old robots, Inactive cravlers)
logo Feedage2018-03-20 07:53:05DownUP
logo Nuesbyte2017-12-05 08:29:19Down
logo FeedCatBot2017-01-11 11:13:46DownUP
logo hawkreader2016-05-30 23:39:36UP
logo FeedBooster2016-03-16 00:33:12UP
logo ownCloud Crawler2015-09-09 15:34:42UP
logo hawkReader2015-04-25 19:20:10UP
logo NaverBot2012-01-10 21:15:47UPUP
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