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logo Vivo

ID: 519
Brand codevivo
Brand homepage External link
Brand ownerBBK Electronics
Other brands of the same ownerOnePlus, Oppo, realme, iQOO,
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1609, 1611, 1716, 1718, 1720, 1721, 1724, 1725, 1726, 1727, 1802, 1803, 1804, 1806, 1808, 1811, 1818, 1818N, 1913, E1, E1t, E3, E5, Nex, NEX 2, NEX 3, NEX 3 (5G), NEX A, NEX Dual Display, NEX S, PD1616B, S1, S1 Pro, S10, S10e, S11, S12, S12 (5G), S12 Pro, S15, S15 Pro, S15e, S16, S16 Pro, S16e, S17 Pro, S17e, S17t, S3, S3+, S5, S6, S6 (5G), S6T, S7, S7 (5G), S7e, S7t (5G), S7W, S9, S9 (2021), S9e, T1, T1 (5G), T1 Pro (5G), T1x, T2, T2 Pro (5G), T2x, T2x (5G), U10, U20, U3, U3x Standard Edition, V1, V1 Max, V11, V15, V15 Pro, V17, V17 Neo, V17 Pro, V1809A, V2, V20, V20 (2021), V20 Pro (5G), V20 SE, V21, V21 (5G), V21 SE, V21e (5G), V23 (5G), V23 Pro (5G), V23e, V23e (5G), V25, V25 (5G), V25 Pro (5G), V25e, V27, V27 Pro, V27e, V29e, V29e (5G), V3, V3 Lite, V3 Max, V3 Max + A, V3 Max A, V3 Max L, V3 Max+ A, V30 Lite, V3M A, V5, V5 Plus, V5s, V7, V7+, V9, V9 6GB, V9 Pro, V9 Youth, X Flip, X Fold, X Fold+, X Fold2, X Note (5G), X1, X100, X100 (5G), X1S, X20, X20 Plus, X20 Plus A, X20 Plus HD, X20 Plus UD, X20A, X21, X21 UD, X21A, X21i, X21i A, X21s, X21UD, X21UD A, X23, X23 Symphony, X27, X27 Pro, X30 (5G), X30 Pro (5G), X3L, X3S, X3SW, X3T, X3V, X5, X5 Max, X5 Max L, X5 Max S, X5 Max V, X5 Max+, X5 Pro, X50, X50 (5G), X50 Lite, X50 Pro, X50 Pro+, X50 Pro+ (5G), X50e, X5F, X5L, X5M, X5Pro, X5Pro D, X5Pro V, X5S L, X5V, X6 Plus A, X6 Plus D, X60, X60 Pro, X60 Pro+, X60s (5G), X6A, X6D, X6L, X6Plus A, X6Plus L, X6S A, X6S Plus, X6S Plus A, X6S Plus D, X7, X7 Plus, X70, X70 Pro, X70 Pro (5G), X70 Pro+, X70 Pro+ (5G), X70t, X7L, X80, X80 (5G), X80 Lite, X80 Pro, X80 Pro (5G), X9, X9 Plus, X90, X90 Pro (5G), X90 Pro+, X90s, X9i, X9L, X9s, X9s L, X9s Plus, X9s Plus L, Xplay, Xplay 2, Xplay 2S, Xplay 3S, Xplay 5A, Xplay 6, Xplay 6L, Xshot, Y01, Y01A, Y02, Y02A, Y02s, Y02t, Y1, Y10 t1, Y100, Y100A, Y11, Y11 (2019), Y11i T, Y11i W, Y11T, Y12, Y12A, Y12G, Y12i, Y12s, Y12s (2021), Y13, Y13iL, Y13L, Y15, Y15A, Y15c, Y15S, Y15T, Y16, Y17, Y17s, Y17T, Y17W, Y18L, Y19, Y19T, Y1s, Y20, Y20a, Y20G, Y20G (2021), Y20I, Y20s [G], Y20T, Y21, Y21A, Y21e, Y21G, Y21L, Y21s, Y21t, Y22, Y22i L, Y22L, Y22s, Y22T, Y23L, Y25, Y27, Y27L, Y27s, Y28, Y28L, Y3, Y3 Standard, Y30, Y30 (2021), Y30 (5G), Y30 SE, Y30G, Y30i, Y31, Y31A, Y31i, Y31L, Y31s, Y32, Y32t, Y33, Y33s, Y33s (5G), Y33T, Y35, Y35+, Y35A, Y35m, Y36, Y37, Y37A, Y3s, Y3T, Y50, Y50t, Y51, Y51A, Y51L, Y51s, Y51t L, Y52, Y52s, Y52S T1, Y53, Y53i, Y53L, Y53N, Y53s, Y53s (5G), Y55, Y55 (5G), Y55A, Y55L, Y55s, Y56, Y56 (5G), Y5s, Y613, Y622, Y65, Y66, Y66i, Y66i A, Y66L, Y67, Y67A, Y67L, Y69, Y69A, Y70s, Y71, Y71A, Y71T, Y72, Y73, Y73 (2021), Y73s, Y74s, Y75, Y75 (5G), Y75A, Y75s, Y76 (5G), Y76s, Y77 (5G), Y77e t1, Y78 (5G), Y78+, Y78m, Y79, Y79A, Y7s, Y81, Y81i, Y81s, Y83, Y83A, Y85, Y85A, Y89, Y90, Y91, Y913, Y91C, Y91i, Y923, Y93, Y93 S, Y937, Y93s, Y95, Y97, Y9s, Z1, Z1 Pro, Z10, Z1i, Z1x, Z3, Z3 Dual, Z3i, Z3x, Z5, Z5X, Z6 (5G), ZX5 (2020)

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