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ID: 371
Brand codeoppo
Brand homepage External link
Brand ownerBBK Electronics
Other brands of the same ownerOnePlus, Vivo, realme, iQOO,
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1100, 1105, 1107, 1201, 1206, 3000, 3001, 3005, 3006, 3007, 3008, A1 Pro, A11, A11f, A11k, A11w, A11x , A11x (2019), A12, A13t, A15, A15s, A16, A1603, A169e, A16K, A16s, A17, A17k, A18, A1K, A2 Pro (5G), A2m, A3, A31, A31c, A31u, A32, A33, A33 (2020), A33f, A33fw, A33m, A33t, A33w, A35, A36, A37, A37f, A37fs, A37fw, A37m, A37t, A37tm, A38, A39, A39m, A39t, A39tm, A3s, A5, A5 (2020), A5 2020, A51, A51f, A51kc, A51w, A52, A53, A53 (5G), A53f, A53fw, A53m, A53s, A53s (5G), A53w, A54, A54 (5G), A54s, A55, A55 (5G), A55s (5G), A57, A57 (5G), A57t, A58, A58 (5G), A59, A59 (5G), A59m, A59s, A59st, A59t, A59tm, A5s, A7, A71, A72, A72 (5G), A73, A73 (5G), A73t, A74, A74 (5G), A76, A77, A77 (5G), A77s, A77T, A78, A78 (5G), A79, A79 (5G), A79k, A79kt, A79t, A7n, A7x, A8 (2019), A800, A83, A83t, A9, A9 (2020), A91, A92, A92s, A93, A93 (5G), A93s (5G), A94, A95, A96, A96 (5G), A97 (5G), A98 (5G), A9x, AX5, AX5S, AX7, CPH1613, CPH1807, CPH1808, F11, F11 Pro, F12 Pro (5G), F15, F17, F17 Pro, F19 Pro, F19s, F1f, F1fw, F1s, F1w, F21 Pro+, F21s Pro (5G), F23 (5G), F25 Pro, F27 Pro+, F3, F3 Plus, F5, F5 Youth, F7, F7 Dual SIM, F7 Youth, F9, F9 Pro, Find 3 X905, Find 5, Find 5 mini R827, Find 5 mini R827T, Find 5 X909, Find 5 X909T, Find 7 X9070, Find 7 X9076, Find 7 X9077, Find 7a X9000, Find 7a X9006, Find 7a X9007, Find Clover R815, Find Clover R815T, Find Gemini U7011, Find Guitar R8015, Find Me X903, Find Melody, Find Melody R8111, Find Muse R821, Find Muse R821T, Find N (5G), Find N2, Find N2 Flip, Find N3 (5G), Find N3 Flip, Find Piano R8113, Find Way S U707, Find Way U7015, Find X, Find X2, Find X2 Lite (5G), Find X2 Pro, Find X3 (5G), Find X3 Lite, Find X3 Neo (5G), Find X3 Pro, Find X5, Find X5 Pro, Find X5 Pro (5G), Find X6 (5G), Find X6 Pro (5G), Find X7, Find X7 Ultra, Find X9015, Finder X9017, Finder X906, Finder X907, K1, K10, K10 (5G), K10 Pro (5G), K10x (5G), K11, K11x, K3, K3 SE, K5, K7x (5G), K9 (5G), K9 Pro (5G), K9s, K9x, N1 mimi, N1 mini, N1T, N1W, N3, N5110, Neo 5 R831L, Neo R830, Neo R830S, Neo R831, Neo R831T, Pad 2 11.6", Pad Air 4, Pad WiFi, R1 R829, R1 R829T, R1001, R1011, R11, R11 Plus, R11s, R11s Plus, R11st, R11t, R15, R15 Dream Mirror, R15 Pro, R15x, R17, R17 Neo, R17 Pro, R1L R8006, R1S R8000, R1S R8007, R2001, R2010, R2017, R3 R7005, R3 R7007, R5, R5 R8107, R6006, R6007, R7, R7 Lite, R7 Plus, R7 Plusf, R7 Plusm, R7c, R7f, R7g, R7kc, R7kt, R7Plust, R7s, R7s Plus, R7sf, R7sm, R7st, R7t, R8000, R8001, R809T, R811, R813T, R819, R820, R8200, R8201, R8205, R8206, R8207, R823T, R831S, R833T, R850, R883T, R9, R9 Plus, R9 Plus A, R9 Plusm A, R9 Plust A, R9 Plustm A, R9k, R9km, R9m, R9s, R9s Plus, R9sk, R9st, R9t, R9tm, Real 20 R831K, Real R801, Real R801T, Real R803, Real R805, Real R807, Real R815W, Real R817, Real R817T, Real R819T, Reno, Reno (5G), Reno 10, Reno 10 Pro, Reno 10 Pro (5G), Reno 10 Pro+, Reno 10x room, Reno 10x Zoom, Reno 11 (5G), Reno 11 Pro, Reno 2, Reno 2 F, Reno 2 Z, Reno 3, Reno 3 (5G), Reno 3 A, Reno 3 Pro, Reno 3 Pro (5G), Reno 3A, Reno 4, Reno 4 (5G), Reno 4 F, Reno 4 Lite, Reno 4 Pro, Reno 4 Pro (5G), Reno 4 SE, Reno 4 Z (5G), Reno 5, Reno 5 (5G), Reno 5 A, Reno 5 F, Reno 5 K, Reno 5 K (5G), Reno 5 Lite, Reno 5 Pro, Reno 5 Pro (5G), Reno 5 Z (5G), Reno 6 (5G), Reno 6 Pro (5G), Reno 6 Pro+ (5G), Reno 6 Z (5G), Reno 7, Reno 7 (5G), Reno 7 Pro, Reno 7 Pro (5G), Reno 7 SE, Reno 7 Z (5G), Reno 7A, Reno 8, Reno 8 (5G), Reno 8 Pro, Reno 8 Pro (5G), Reno 8 Pro+, Reno 8 Pro+ (5G), Reno 8 T, Reno 8 T (5G), Reno 8 Z (5G), Reno 9, Reno 9 A, Reno 9 Pro, Reno 9 Pro+ (5G), Reno A, Reno Ace, Reno Ace 2, Reno Lite, Reno Z, T29, T703, U2S U707T, U701T, U708, Ulike 2 U705T, Ulike 2 U705W, Ulike U701, Ulike2, W8, Watch 2 46mm, Watch 41mm, Watch 46mm, X9009, X9009fw, X9077, X909

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