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Udger database includes categorized (udger detected/tested) IP addresses

More than 1,176,000 of categorized IP addresses

List type: Crawlers | Public proxies | Public cgi proxies | VPN services | Tor exit nodes | Fake crawlers | Web scrapers | Known attack source

This list contains IPs of the last 3 months.

"Tor is a free software for enabling anonymous communication. Users are hidden under the exit nodes the Tor network."

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Last seenIP addressIP nameDC Country
2024-03-25 SE
2024-03-25 SE
2024-03-25 SE
2024-03-25 SE
2024-03-25 SE
2024-03-25 KZ
2024-03-25 03:09:
2024-03-25 03:09:2266.78.40.139? MY
2024-03-25 NL
2024-03-25 NL
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