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ID: 564
Brand codezte
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Other brands of the same ownerNubia,
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Brand market names in DB:
009Z, 402ZT, 901ZT, A0616, A0620, A0622, A0722, A1P, A1R, A2017, A21plus, A3, A4, A4C, A606, A880, Acqua, Allstar Z818L, Amazing A30, Amazing A50, Amazing p5 Lite, Amazing X5s, Amazing X7, amigo, ARIZONA, arthur, ATLAS W, atlas40, AV-ATB100, AVID 4, Avid 579, Avid 589, Avid Trio, Axon 10 Pro, Axon 10 Pro (5G), Axon 10S Pro (5G), Axon 11 (5G), Axon 11 SE (5G), Axon 20, Axon 20 (5G), Axon 30, Axon 30 (5G), Axon 30 Ultra (5G), Axon 31 Pro (5G), Axon 40 Pro, Axon 7, Axon 7 Max, Axon 7 Mini, Axon 7s, Axon 8, Axon 9 Pro, Axon Elite, Axon M, Axon Mini, Axon Pro, AXON WATCH, AxonPhone A1, B2016, B2017G, B760E, B790, B795, B860H, B866, B880, BA510, BA601, BA602, BA602T, BA603, BA610C, BA610T, BA611C, BA611T, BA910, BA910T, Baker, banana, BGH Joy X5, Blade, Blade 10, Blade 10 Prime, Blade 10 Vita, Blade 11 Prime, Blade 2, Blade 20 (5G), Blade 3, Blade A0605, Blade A0620, Blade A0621, Blade A0622, Blade A0722, BLADE A110, Blade A112, Blade A125, Blade A2 Plus, Blade A210, Blade A3, Blade A3 (2019), Blade A3 (2020), Blade A3 Lite, Blade A3 Plus, Blade A3 Prime, Blade A30, Blade A31, Blade A31 Lite, Blade A31 Plus, BLADE A310, Blade A315, Blade A320, Blade A321, Blade A330, Blade A410, Blade A450, Blade A452, Blade A460, Blade A462, Blade A465, Blade A470, Blade A475, Blade A476, Blade A5, Blade A5 (2019), Blade A5 (2020), Blade A5 PRO, Blade A506, Blade A51, Blade A51 Lite, Blade A510, Blade A511, Blade A512, Blade A515, Blade A52, Blade A520, Blade A520C, Blade A521, Blade A522, Blade A530, Blade A531, Blade A570, Blade A6, Blade A6 MAX, Blade A601, Blade A602, Blade A610, Blade A610C, Blade A611, Blade A612, Blade A7, Blade A7 (2019), Blade A7 (2020), Blade A7 Prime, Blade A7 Vita, Blade A71, Blade A71 (5G), Blade A7p, Blade A7s (2020), Blade A910, Blade AF5, Blade Apex, Blade Apex 2, Blade Apex 3, Blade Apex2, Blade B112, Blade Buzz, Blade C, Blade C2, Blade C2 Plus, Blade C310, Blade C312, Blade C320, Blade C340, Blade C341, Blade C342, Blade C370, Blade D6 Lite 3G, Blade D6 Lite 4G, Blade Force, Blade G, Blade G LTE, Blade G Lux, Blade G Plus, Blade G Pro, Blade G2, Blade HN, Blade II, Blade III, Blade III Pro, Blade L, Blade L0510, Blade L110, Blade L111, Blade L130, Blade L2, Blade L2 Plus, Blade L210, Blade L3, Blade L3 Apex, Blade L3 Lite, Blade L3 Plus, Blade L315, Blade L370, Blade L5, Blade L5 Plus, Blade L6, Blade L7, Blade L7A, Blade L8, Blade L9, Blade MAX 2s, Blade Max 3, Blade Max View, Blade Q, Blade Q Lux, Blade Q Maxi, Blade Q Mini, Blade Q Pro, Blade Q1, Blade Q2, Blade Q3, Blade S, Blade S Lite, Blade S30, Blade S6, Blade S6 Flex, Blade S6 Lite, Blade S6 Plus, Blade Spark, Blade Super, Blade V, Blade V Smart, BLADE V Ultra, Blade V+, Blade V0710, Blade V0720, Blade V0730, Blade V0900, Blade V10, Blade V10 Vita, Blade V2, Blade V2 Lite, Blade V2020, Blade V220, Blade V30, Blade V30 Vita, Blade V40, Blade V40 Pro, Blade V40 Vita, Blade V580, Blade V6, Blade V6 Max, Blade V6 Plus, Blade V7, Blade V7 LITE, Blade V7 Max, Blade V7 PLUS, Blade V770, Blade V8, Blade V8 Arc, Blade V8 Mini, Blade V8 Pro, Blade V8 SE, Blade V8Q, Blade V9, Blade V9 Vita, Blade Vantage, Blade Vantage 2, Blade Vec, Blade Vec Pro, Blade Vita, Blade X, Blade X Max, Blade X1 (5G), Blade X2 Max, Blade X7, Blade X8, Blade X9, BLade Z max, bladeplus, Bolton, Boost Zume 5, BUL P726G, BV0701, BV0710, BV0710T, BV0720, BV0730, BV0800, BV0850, BV0870, C N780, C2016, C2017, C310, C880, C880A, C880D, C880S, C880U, Chapel, Citrine LTE, CLARO Q1, Compel, Cosmote Smart Share, Cosmote Xplore, crane zte7, Cymbal LTE, Cymbal-C, D930, dana, deepblue, dtac phone M1, Dubai, Dublin, E10Q, E7LS, E810, Edition StarText, Edition StarTrail, enterprise, enterprise HK, enterprise U950, enterprise U985, enterprise V985, Fanfare 2, Fanfare 3, Fronteer 4G, frosty, FT142D, G601U, G717, G717C, G718, G718C, G719, G719C, G720, G720C, G720T, G882, Geek, Geek 2 LTE, Geek 2 pro, Geek 5, GEEK II 4G, GEEK II Pro, Geek II Pro 4G, Grand Era, Grand Memo, Grand Memo Lite, Grand Memo LTE, Grand S, Grand S Flex, Grand S II, Grand S Lite, Grand X, Grand X 2, Grand X 4, Grand X IN, Grand X Max 2, Grand X Pro, Grand X Quad, Grand X Quad Lite, Grand X View 3, Grand X View 4, Grand X2, Grand X2 In, Grand X4, Grand-S, GrayJoy, Helios X1, hope, iliamna, Infinity X2 mini, Jasper LTE, Jasper LTE (2017), joe, K75, K81, K83, K85, K88, K92, K97, KIS, Kis 3, Kis 3 Max, KIS Flex, KIS II, Kis II Max, Kis II pro, Kis Lite, KIS PLUS, Kis pro, Kis Q, Kis T3, kiska, Lannister, LEO M1, LEO Q1, LEO Q2, LEO S1, LEO S2, Leopard MF800, Lever, Libero S10, Libra, Light Tab, Light Tab 2, Light Tab 2W, Light Tab 3, Light Tab T9, Light Tab V9, Light Tab V9S, Line Friends, LINK, M8402, M901, M901C, Majesty Pro, Majesty Pro LTE, Majesty Pro Plus, Maven, Maven 2, Maven 3, Max Blue LTE, Max Duo LTE, Max XL (2017), Maxx, MF97B, MF97E, MF97G, MF97W, Midnight Pro, MO-01J, MO-01K, Momodesign MD Droid, Monte Carlo, mooncake 2, Mtag 281, MTS-SP102, myPad P5, N5, N5 Grand Memo, N5L, N5L Grand Memo, N5S, N5S Grand Memo, N600, N606, N660, N700, N720, N721, N760, N762, N765 APT, N780, N788, N788 BASHA, N789, N790, N795, N798, N798+, N799, N799D, N800, N800 Awe, N8000 Engage LT, N8010, N8010 APT, N8010 CT, N8010 CT BL, N807, N810, N810 Reef, N817, N818, N818S, N8300, N8300 CT, N8300 Reliance, N8303, N850, N850L, N855, N855D, N855D PERFECTUM, N855D YM, N860, N860 Warp, N861 Warp II, N880 Blade, N880E, N880F, N880G, N881D, N881E, N881F, N882E, N900, N900D, N909, N909D, N910, N910 Anthem, N9100, N9100 Force, N9101 Imperial, N9120, N9120 Avid, N9130, N9137, N9180 Red Bull V5, N918St, N919, N919D, N928, N928Dt, N940Sc, N9500, N9500 Flash, N9510, N9510 Warp, N9511 Fury, N9515, N9516, N9518, N9520, N9520 Stormer, N9521, N958St, N960, N970 Grand X, N980, N9810, N9810 Vital, N983, N9835, N9835 Grand S Pro, N986, N986D, N988, NE501J, nice, NOS NEVA 80, okmok, Open, Open C, Open II, Optik, Optus X Wave, Orange Tactile internet 2, Overture 2, Overture 3, P C880S, P117A11, P117A13, P117A20qHD, P117A30, P117T21, p173a10, P188T10, P188T20, P253A20, P545, P722G, P726CU, P726G, P726N, P726VV, P727A, P729B, P729C, P810A10, P810A20, P810T01, P810T02, P825T10, Prelude +, Prelude Plus, Prestige, Prestige 2, Primetime, P_C880S, Q101T, Q201T, Q2S-C, Q2S-T, Q301C, Q301T, Q302C, Q5-C, Q5-T, Q501T, Q501U, Q503U, Q505T, Q507T, Q508U, Q509T, Q519T, Q529C, Q529E, Q529T, Q7, Q7-C, Q701C, Q705U, Q801C, Q801L, Q801T, Q801U, Q802C, Q802D, Q802T, Q805T, Q806T, QB7211, Quartz, Quest 5, Quest Plus, R22, R750, R83, R880H, Racer, RACER III mini, racer2, Roamer, roamer 2, Rook from EE, roundtop, S118, S118 Grand S Lite, S2004, S2005, S2007, S2010, S2014, S2015, S30 Pro, S36, S8Q, sailboat, sapphire lte, sean, Sirius, Skate, Skate 2, Skate Pro, Skate4.3 H, skateplus, Small Fresh 5, SMART Start, SMART Start 3, SmartTab10, soft stone, Sonata 3, SoshPhone 3, Soshphone 4G, Sprint LivePro, Spro 2, Spro2, Stack, Star, STAR 1, STARADDICT II, STARTAB, STARTEXT II, STARTRAIL 4, STARXTREM 4, Switch X1, T12, T22, T221, T28, T3, T320, T325, T520, T60, T617, T620, T630, T760, T77, T790, T792, T80, T809, T815, T816, T82 Grand X LTE, T83, T84, T85, T86, T88, T911, T920, T98, Taiwan Mobile T2, Tania, TE BLADE B125, Tempo, Tempo X, Trek 2 HD, TT102, Tureis, turies, TWM P726G, U V760, U V889F, U5 Grand Memo, U5S, U5S Grand Memo, U788, U788 Kis, U790, U791, U793, U795, U802, U805, U806 Racer II, U807, U808, U808(OPEN), U809, U812, U816, U817, U818, U819, U830, U879, U880 Blade, U880E, U880F1, U880s, U885, U887, U889, U900, U9180, U930 Grand X, U930 Grand X IN, U930HD, U935, U950, U956, U960, U960 Skate, U960D, U960E, U960s, U960s2, U960s3, U968, U969, U970 Grand X, U9810, U9815, U9815 Grand Memo, U985 Grand Era, U988S, U988S Geek, Uhura, V0840, V0920, V10, V1000, V2020 Smart, V5, V5 Pro, V5S, V5S Grand Memo, V6020 Claro, V6500, V66, V6700, V68, V70, V7073, V71A, V71B, V72, V72A, V72C, V72M, V760, V768, V768 Concord, V769M, V779M, V788 Kis, V788D, V790, V791, V792C, V793, V795, V797, V8000 Engage, V8000 USA Cricket, V807, V808, V809, V8100_Z55, V811, V8110, V811C, V813W, V815, V815W, V817, V818, V8200, V8200 OSK, V8200plus, V8200_EE_UK, V821, V8285, V829, V8300_Z39, V831W, V8514, V852 Dreamer, V856, V856 Mimosa Mini, V857, V859, V865, V865M, V871, V875, V875m, V877, V879, V880 Blade, V880G, V880S, V881, V887, V889, V889D, V889F, V889M, V890, V891, V9, v9 plus, V9+, V9180, V9500, V955, V956, V960, V960 Skate, V965, V967, V969, V96A, V970 Grand X, V975, V975 Geek, V97L, V9800 Grand Era LTE, V9815 Grand Memo, V9820, V983, V983 Grand X Pro, V985 Grand Era, V987, V988, V988 Grand S, V993W, V998 Grand S, V9A, V9S, Valet, ventana U880F, ventana U930, Vesta, VF945, Vip Racer III, Visible R2, Voyage 10, Voyage 20 Pro, warp 2, Warp 7, WAVE, X500, X500 Score, X500MMB, X501 Groove, X501 USA Cricket, X501 USA OM, X850 Racer, X876 Raise, X9180, X920, Xiaoxian, Z-01K, Z10, Z3153V, Z3351S, Z353VL, Z5151V, Z557BL, Z559DL, Z6201V, Z6410, Z660 Wirl, Z667, Z667 Wirl 2, Z667 Zinger, Z667T, Z669, Z716BL, Z717VL, Z730, Z740, Z740 Radiant, Z740 Sonata 4G, Z750 Savvy, Z752C, Z753G, Z755, Z768, Z777, Z777 Grand X, Z787, Z788, Z791G, Z791G Scend, Z792, Z793C, Z795, Z795 Solar, Z795G, Z796, Z797, Z797C, Z812, Z813, Z818L, Z819L, Z820, Z826, Z828, Z830, Z832, Z833, Z835, Z836BL, Z837VL, Z839, Z850, Z917VL, Z930 Unico, Z932, Z932L, Z933, Z955L, Z956, Z958, Z959, Z962BL, Z963U, Z963VL, Z970, Z971, Z980L, Z986U, Z987, Z990 Roamer, Z992, Z992 Avail 2, Z993, Z993 Prelude, Z995, Z995 Overture, Z998, Z999, ZFive 2, ZFive 2 LTE, ZFive G, ZFive L, Zmax (5G), Zmax 10, Zmax 2, Zmax 3, Zmax Champ, Zmax Grand LTE, Zmax One, Zmax Pro, ZPAD, ZXV10
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