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ID: 316
Brand codemicromax
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Other brands of the same ownerBLU, MyPhone, Wiko, Sugar,
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A101, A102 Canvas Doodle 3, A104 Canvas Fire, A105 Canvas Entice, A106 Unite 2, A108 Canvas L, A109 Canvas XL2, A110 Canvas 2, A114 Canvas 2.2, A114R Canvas Beat, A115 Canvas 3D, A116, A116 Canvas HD, A116i Canvas HD, A117 Canvas Magnus, A118 Canvas Tube, A119 Canvas XL, A120 Canvas 2 Colors, A120 Canvas Elanza 2, A177 Canvas Juice, A190 Canvas HD Plus, A200 Canvas Turbo Mini, A210 Canvas 4, A24 Bolt, A240, A240 Canvas Doodle 2, A25 Smarty, A250 Canvas Knight Cameo, A250 Canvas Turbo, A26 Bolt, A27, A27 Bolt, A28 Bolt, A300 Canvas Gold, A310 Canvas Nitro, A311 Canvas Nitro, A34, A35 Bolt, A350 Canvas Knight, A36 Bolt, A37 Bolt, A37B Bolt, A40 Bolt, A44, A45, A45 Punk, A46 Bolt, A47 Bolt, A50, A50 Ninja, A51 Bolt, A52 Aisha, A54, A54 Ninja, A56, A56 Ninja 2, A57, A57 Ninja 3, A58 Bolt, A59 Bolt, A60 Andro, A61 Bolt, A62, A62 Bolt, A63 Canvas Fun, A64 Bolt, A65 Smarty, A66 Bolt, A67 Bolt, A68 Smarty, A69 Bolt, A70 Andro, A71 Bolt, A72 Canvas Viva, A73, A73 Buzz, A74 Canvas Fun, A75, A75 Lite, A76 Canvas Fun, A77 Canvas Juice, A78, A78 Gossip, A80 Infinity, A82 Bolt, A84, A85, A87, A87 Ninja 4, A88, A88 Canvas Music, A89, A89 Ninja, A90 Pixel, A90S Pixel, A91, A91 Ninja, A92 Canvas Lite, A93 Canvas Elanza, A94 Canvas Mad, A96 Canvas Fire3, A96 Canvas Power, A99, A99 Canvas Xpress, AQ4501 Canvas A1, AQ5001, B5 Pro, Bharat 2, Bharat 2 Plus, Bharat 2 Ultra, Bharat 2+, Bharat 3, Bharat 4, Bharat 5, Bharat 5 Infinity, Bharat 5 Infinity Edition, Bharat 5 Plus, Bharat 5 Pro, Bhart 5 PRO, Bold Q339, Bolt, Bolt D200, Bolt D303, Bolt D304, Bolt D305, Bolt D306, Bolt D320, Bolt D321, Bolt D333, Bolt D340, Bolt Juice, Bolt Mega, Bolt Pace, Bolt Prime, Bolt Prime 3G, Bolt Q303, Bolt Q323, Bolt Q326, Bolt Q3301, Bolt Q346, Bolt Q3555, Bolt Selfie, Bolt Selfie Q424, Bolt Supreme, Bolt Supreme 2, Bolt Supreme 4, Bolt Warrior 2, Canvas 1, Canvas 2, Canvas 2 (2017), Canvas 2 COLOURS, Canvas 2 Plus, Canvas 2+, Canvas 4, Canvas 4+, Canvas 5, Canvas 5 Lite, Canvas 6, Canvas 6 Pro, Canvas A1, Canvas AMAZE, Canvas Amaze 2, Canvas BEAT, CANVAS BLAZE, Canvas Blaze 4G Plus, Canvas Blaze 4G+, Canvas Curve, Canvas DOODLE 3, Canvas Doodle 4, Canvas Doodle4, CANVAS DUET, CANVAS DUET 2, Canvas ELANZA 2, Canvas ENGAGE, Canvas ENTICE, Canvas Evok, Canvas Evok Note, Canvas Evok Power, Canvas Fashion, Canvas fashion 3g, Canvas Fire, Canvas Fire 4G, Canvas Fire 5, Canvas Fire 6, Canvas Fire3, Canvas Fire4, Canvas FIRE4G, Canvas Fun, Canvas HD Plus, Canvas Hue, Canvas Hue 2, Canvas Infinity, Canvas Infinity Life, Canvas Infinity Pro, Canvas Juice, Canvas Juice 2, Canvas Juice 3, Canvas Juice 3+, Canvas Juice 4, Canvas Juice 4G, Canvas Juice 6, Canvas Juice2, Canvas Juice3, Canvas KNIGHT, Canvas Knight 2, Canvas Knight Cameo, Canvas Knight2, Canvas MAGNUS, Canvas Magnus HD, Canvas Mega, Canvas Mega 2, Canvas Music M1, Canvas Nitro, Canvas Nitro 2, Canvas Nitro2, Canvas Pace 2, Canvas Pace 2+, Canvas Pace 4G, Canvas Pace MIni, Canvas Pep, Canvas Play, Canvas Play 4G, Canvas Play4G, Canvas Power, Canvas Power 2, Canvas Pulse 4G, Canvas Selfie, Canvas Selfie 4, Canvas Selfie Lens, Canvas Space 2, Canvas Space 2+, Canvas Spark, Canvas Spark 2 Plus, Canvas Spark 2 Plus Q350, Canvas Spark 3, Canvas Spark 4G, Canvas SPARK2, Canvas Tab, Canvas Tab P480, Canvas Tab P650, Canvas Tab P680, Canvas Tab P681, Canvas Tab P802, Canvas Tabby, Canvas TUBE, CANVAS TURBO, Canvas TURBO MINI, Canvas Unite 4, Canvas Unite 4 Pro, Canvas Win W121, Canvas XL2, Canvas Xpress, Canvas Xpress 2, Canvas Xpress 4g, Canvax 1 (2018), D303, D321, Doodle 4, Dual 4, Dual 5, EVOK DUAL NOTE, Evok Note, Evok Power, Funbook 3G P560, Funbook 3G P600, Funbook Alpha P250, Funbook Infinity P275, Funbook Mini P410, Funbook Mini P410i, Funbook P255, Funbook P280, Funbook P300, Funbook P350, Funbook P365, Funbook Pro P500, Funbook Talk P360, Funbook Talk P362, Funbook Ultra HD P580, HS3, IN 1B, Infinity N Series N12, MAD, Magnus 2 Plus, MM-8833, N720, Nitro 3, Nitro 4G, P275, P300, Q327, Q350R, Q351, Q353, Q354, Q380, Selfie 2, Selfie 2 Note, Selfie 3, Sliver 5, Smart TV, Spark 4G(2017), Spark 4G, Spark 4G Prime, Spark 4G Prime (2017), Spark Go, Spark Vdeo, SUPREME BOLT, UNITE, Unite 3, Unite3, Vdeo 1, Vdeo 2, Vdeo 3, Vdeo 4, Vdeo 5, Xpress 2, YU ACE, YUNIQUE, Yunique 2 Plus, YUREKA S, Yutopia

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Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 4.0.4; Micromax P600 Build/IMM76D) AppleWebKit/535.19 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/18.0.1025.166 Mobile Safari/535.19
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