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ID: 897
Brand codevestel
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Other brands of the same ownerREGAL, Finlux, Techwood, Digihome, Luxor,
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4K 55UA8990 55" LED TV, 5000, 5000 Dual, 5530, 5530 Dual, Farabi, MB110, MB130, MB211, MB230, Riga, S7252, Teos, V TAB 10, V TAB 1040, V TAB 1049, V TAB 1050, V TAB 1069, V TAB 1090, V TAB 7 ECO, V Tab 7 Eco III, V TAB 7 Pro, V TAB 7" LITE II, V TAB 7'' LITE II, V TAB 7'' LITE III, V TAB 7.85, V TAB 7.85 Pro, V TAB 7010, V TAB 7011, V TAB 7015, V TAB 7020, V TAB 7020A, V TAB 7020B, V TAB 7025, V TAB 7030, V TAB 7040, V TAB 7810, V TAB 8010, V TAB 8029, V TAB 8059, V TAB 9.7'' PRO, V TAB Z1, Venus 5000 2gb, Venus E2 Plus, Venus E2 Plus Dual, Venus E3, Venus E4, Venus E5, Venus Go, Venus V10, Venus V3 5010, Venus V3 5020, Venus V3 5030, Venus V3 5040, Venus V3 5070, Venus V3 5530, Venus V3 5570, Venus V3 5580, Venus V3 5580 Dual, Venus V4, Venus V5, Venus V6, Venus V6 S, Venus V7, Venus Z10, Venus Z20, Venus Z30, Venus Z40, VP100+, VP73, VP74, VSP145M, VSP250g, VSP250s, VSP355g, VSP355s, VT10E, VT10E2, VT785P2, Z20

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