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ID: 338
Brand codemyphone
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Other brands of the same ownerBLU, Micromax, Wiko, Sugar,
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A848 Duo, A848g Duo, A848i Duo, A878 Duo, A888 Duo, A898 Duo, A919 3D Duo, A919 Duo, A919i, A919i Duo, Agua Cyclone, Agua Hail, Agua Iceberg, Agua Iceberg Slim, Agua Infinity, Agua Ocean Lite, Agua Ocean Mini, Agua Ocean Pro, Agua Rain, Agua Rio, Agua Rio Fun, Agua Rio Lite, Agua Storm, ARTIS, Axe LTE, brown 1, C Smart, C-Smart 4, C-Smart Glam, C-Smart IIIS, C-Smart pix, City, City 2, City XL, CityXL, Compact, Cube, Cube 16GB, Cube LTE, Duosmart, Fun 18x9, Fun 2, Fun 4, Fun 5, Fun 6, Fun 6 Lite, Fun 7 LTE, Fun 8, Fun LTE, FUN5, Funky, Go, Go!, H-Smart, Hammer, Hammer 5 Smart, Hammer Active, Hammer Active2, Hammer Active2 LTE, Hammer Axe, Hammer Axe M LTE, Hammer Axe Pro, Hammer Blade, Hammer Blade 2 PRO, Hammer Blade 3, Hammer Bolt, Hammer Energy, Hammer energy 18x9, Hammer Energy 2, Hammer Energy 3G, Hammer Explorer, Hammer Force, Hammer Iron 2, Hammer Iron 3, Hammer Iron 3 LTE, Hammer Titan 2, Hykker MyTab10, Infinity 3G, INFINITY II LTE, INFINITY II S, Iron 2, L-LINE, Luna II, Magnus, MINI, my21, my22, MY23, my27, my28, my28S, my28S DTV, my28S Smart, my29S, my32L, my33, my71 DTV, my72 DTV, my73 DTV, my75 DTV, my76 DTV, my77 DTV, my81 DTV, my83 DTV, my85 DTV, my86 DTV, my87 DTV, my88 DTV, my89 DTV, my91 DTV, my92 DTV, my93 DTV, my95 DTV, my96 DTV, myA1, myA10, myA11, myA11i, myA12, myA13, myA15, myA16, myA17, myA18, myA2, myA3, myA5, myA6 DTV, myA7 DTV, myA8 DTV, myA9 DTV, myG1, myNX1, myP1, myT2 DTV, myT3 DTV, myT5 DTV, myT6 DTV, myTab 10 II, myTab 10 III, myTab 10 Q-Premium, myTab 10.1", myX1, myX12, myX2, myX3, myX5, myX8, myX9, myXI1, myXI1 Plus, myXI1 Pro, myXI3, NB106M, NB754, NB961, Neocore E1R1, NEXT, NEXT S, Pocket, Pocket 18X9, Pocket 18X9 LTE, Pocket 2, Pocket Pro, Power, Prime 18x9, Prime 18x9 LTE, Prime 2, Prime 3, Prime 3 Lite, Prime 4 Lite, Prime 5, Prime Plus, Q-Smart, Q-Smart BE, Q-Smart Elite, Q-Smart II, Q-Smart II Plus, Q-Smart III, Q-Smart III Plus, Q-Smart Plus, Q-Smart Premium, Rio 2, Rio 2 Fun, Rio 2 Lite, Rio Craze, Rio Junior, Rio Junior TV, S-line, Smart, SmartView 7 3G, SmartView 8, SmartView 9.6, SuperD D1, Unite U1, UNO, VENUM, Xperia Rain

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Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.1.2; en-us; myPhone_NEXT Build/JZO54K) AppleWebKit/534.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/534.30
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