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ID: 15
Brand codealcatel
Brand homepage External link
Brand ownerTCL
Other brands of the same ownerBlackBerry, Palm, SEMP TCL,
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Market names in DB567

Brand market names in DB:
1, 1B (2020), 1B (2022), 1C, 1E, 1L, 1L Pro, 1L Pro (2021), 1S, 1S (2020), 1S (2021), 1S Faraday, 1SE, 1SE Light, 1T, 1T 10, 1T 7, 1T 7 (2021), 1T 7 3G, 1T 7 4G , 1V, 1V (2019), 1V (2020), 1V (2022), 1X, 3, 3 (2019), 3 (2020), 3078 3G, 3088X, 30T, 3C, 3L, 3L (2020), 3L (2021), 3T, 3T 10, 3T 8, 3V, 3V (2019), 3X, 3X (2019), 3X (2020), 4013M, 4014A, 4014M, 4015T, 4024X, 4047D, 4060A, 4060O, 4060W, 5, 5006, 5011A, 5017B, 5023E, 5027B, 5038D, 5042T, 5046S, 5049S, 5049W, 5054A, 5054D, 5054O, 5054S, 5054T, 5054W, 5054X, 5056, 5056A, 5056D, 5056E, 5056N, 5056O, 5056X, 5059Z, 5065A, 5065D, 5065N, 5065W, 5065X, 5070D, 5085G, 5154A, 562, 5V, 5X, 6010A, 6014X, 6016E, 6037B, 6039A, 6039H, 6039J, 6039K, 6039S, 6039Y, 6042D, 6043A, 6044D, 6055A, 6055K, 6055U, 6060C, 6060X, 6062W, 7040N, 7040R, 7045Y, 7049D, 7070Q, 730U, 8030B, 8050D, 8050E, 8050G, 8050X, 8053, 8054, 8055, 8056, 8057, 8062, 8063, 8070, 8079, 8080, 9001D, 9001I, 9001X, 9002A, 9002W, 9002X, 9003A, 9005X, 9006W, 9007T, 9007X, 9010X, 9015B, 9015Q, 9015W, 9021A, 9024O, 9025Q, 9027W, 9029W, 9030G, 9030Q, A1X, A206G, A3, A3 10, A3 10", A3 7", A3 8", A3 PLUS, A3 XL, A30, A30 Fierce, A30 Plus, A3X, A450TL, A480G, A5, A5 LED, A5 Max, A50, A520L, A521L, A556C, A560G, A562G, A564C, A564R, A570BL, A572BG, A573VC, A621BL, A621R, A622GL, A7, A7 XL, A7XL, A846L, A851L, A919 gsm, ALOO 6032, AM-H100, ASB-D T918, Authority, Avalon V, B-GriffinPlus TD, BASE Varia, BASE Varia gsm, Boost View 5.0, D819, D820, D820X, Dawn, DL750, DL900, E500, E928 TD, ELEMENT5, EVO7, Fierce 4 , FierceXL, FL03, Flash Plus, Flash Plus 2, Flash2 7049D, freebit PandA_m14, GO FLIP, GO FLIP 3, GO FLIP 4, Go PLAY, Griffin TD, Hero2C, I-L1, I216A, I216X, I220, I221, IdealXCITE, idealXtra, Idol 2 MINI S, Idol 2 S, Idol 2S, Idol 4, Idol 4 Pro, Idol 4S, Idol 5, Idol 5 Pro, Idol 5S, Idol S, INSIGHT, Insight 5005R, IODL 4S, J630, Joy Tab, Joy Tab 2, Juke-A554C, Kora, Lume, LX, M812C, Martini, Mercury, Mirage, move 2, Move 2 gsm, Move gsm, msm7627 ffa, MTC-962 GSM, MY FLIP 2, Nitro, ONE OUCH Victory, One Touch, ONE TOUCH 4005D, ONE TOUCH 4007X, ONE TOUCH 4010X, ONE TOUCH 4011X, ONE TOUCH 4014D, ONE TOUCH 4015X, ONE TOUCH 4027A, ONE TOUCH 4030X, ONE TOUCH 4033X, ONE TOUCH 4037N, ONE TOUCH 5020D, ONE TOUCH 5020N, ONE TOUCH 5035D, ONE TOUCH 5036A, ONE TOUCH 5036D, ONE TOUCH 601, One Touch 6010, ONE TOUCH 6010X Orange, ONE TOUCH 6012A, One Touch 6012D, ONE TOUCH 6030A, ONE TOUCH 6030X Orange, ONE TOUCH 6032, ONE TOUCH 6033A, ONE TOUCH 6040A, ONE TOUCH 7024W, ONE TOUCH 7025D, ONE TOUCH 7040A, ONE TOUCH 7047D, ONE TOUCH 8008D, ONE TOUCH 8020A, ONE TOUCH 8020D, One Touch 890, ONE TOUCH 890D, One Touch 891, One Touch 900, One Touch 903, One Touch 906, One Touch 908, ONE TOUCH 908A, ONE TOUCH 908F, ONE TOUCH 908M, ONE TOUCH 908S, One Touch 909, ONE TOUCH 909A, One Touch 909B, ONE TOUCH 909S, One Touch 910, ONE TOUCH 910A, One Touch 913, One Touch 916, ONE TOUCH 916A, ONE TOUCH 916D, One Touch 918, ONE TOUCH 918A, ONE TOUCH 918D, ONE TOUCH 918M, ONE TOUCH 918N, ONE TOUCH 918S, One Touch 919, One Touch 919 HelloKitty, One Touch 922, One Touch 927, One Touch 928, ONE TOUCH 928D, One Touch 930, ONE TOUCH 930D, One Touch 960, One Touch 976, One Touch 978, One Touch 979, One Touch 980, One Touch 981, One Touch 983, ONE TOUCH 983A, ONE TOUCH 983M, One Touch 985, ONE TOUCH 985D, ONE TOUCH 985N, One Touch 986, ONE TOUCH 986+, One Touch 988, One Touch 990, ONE TOUCH 990A, ONE TOUCH 990C, ONE TOUCH 990C+, One Touch 990S, One Touch 991, ONE TOUCH 991A, ONE TOUCH 991S, ONE TOUCH 991T, One Touch 992, ONE TOUCH 992D, One Touch 993, ONE TOUCH 993D, One Touch 995, ONE TOUCH 995A, ONE TOUCH 995C, one touch 995C+, ONE TOUCH 996, One Touch 997, ONE TOUCH 997D, One Touch 998, ONE TOUCH C505C, One Touch D662, One Touch D668, One Touch D820, One Touch D920, One Touch Evo 7, One Touch Evo 7 HD, One Touch Evo 8 HD, ONE TOUCH EVO7HD, ONE TOUCH EVO8HD, One Touch Fierce, One Touch Fierce XL, One Touch Fire, One Touch Fire C, One Touch Fire E, One Touch Flash Plus, One Touch Hero 2, One Touch Idol, One Touch Idol 2 Dual, One Touch Idol 2 Mini, One Touch Idol 2 Mini S, One Touch Idol 2S, One Touch Idol 3 (5.5), One Touch Idol 4, One Touch Idol Mini, One Touch Idol S, One Touch Idol Ultra, One Touch Idol X, One Touch Idol X+, One Touch Idol α, One Touch J320, One Touch M'Pop, ONE TOUCH P310A, ONE TOUCH P320A, ONE TOUCH P689L, One Touch Pixi, One Touch Pixi 3 4.5 TD-LTE, One Touch Pixi 3 A460T, One Touch PIXI 4, One Touch Pixi 4 Plus, One Touch Pop 2 (4.5), One Touch Pop 2 (5), ONE TOUCH POP 3 (5), ONE TOUCH POP 3 (5.5), One Touch Pop 4+, One Touch Pop 7, One Touch POP 8S, One Touch Pop C1, One Touch Pop C2, One Touch Pop C3, One Touch Pop C5, One Touch Pop C7, One Touch Pop C9, One Touch Pop D1, One Touch Pop D3, One Touch Pop D5, One Touch Pop Icon, One Touch Pop Mega, One Touch Pop S3, One Touch Pop S7, One Touch Pop S9, One Touch Pop Star, One Touch Pop Star 3G, One Touch POP7, One Touch POP7S, One Touch POP8, One Touch S'Pop, ONE TOUCH SCRIBE 5, One Touch Scribe Easy, One Touch Scribe HD, One Touch Scribe Pro, One Touch Snap, One Touch Soleil, One Touch Sonic, One Touch Star, One Touch T Pop, One Touch T'Pop, One Touch T10, One Touch T20, One Touch Tab 7, One Touch Tab 7HD, One Touch Tab 8HD, ONE TOUCH Ultra 960c, One Touch View, One Touch X'Pop, One Touch X1, ONETOUCH 4027A, ONETOUCH 4031D, ONETOUCH 5022D, ONETOUCH PIXI 3 (3.5), ONETOUCH PIXI 3 (4.5), ONETOUCH PIXI 3 (7), ONETOUCH PIXI 3 (8), ONETOUCH PIXI 4 (4), OneTouch PIXI Avion, ONETOUCH PIXI3(7), ONETOUCH POP 3 (5), ONETOUCH POP 3 (5.5), onetouch T60, ONETOUCH Victory, ONYX, OP070, OT-906, OT-913D, OT-918, OT-919, OT-919 HelloKitty, OT-976, OT-978, OT-979, OT-980, OT-980A, OT-981, OT-981A, OT-990C, OT-990M, OWN_S4025, P360X, P688L, PandA m14, PIXI, Pixi 3 (3.5), Pixi 3 (4), PIXI 4, PIXI 4 (3.5), PIXI 4 (5), PIXI 4 (5,5), PIXI 4 (5.5), Pixi 4 (6), Pixi 4 (7), Pixi 4 Theatre, PIXI 445 Cricket, Pixi 5, PIXI 5 HD, Pixi Eclipse, Pixi Unite, PIXI3(4), PIXI3(4.5), Pixi3-3.5 TF, Pixi3-4 TF, PIXI4 (3.5), Pixo 7, PLAY P1, POP 10, POP 2, POP 2 (5), POP 4, Pop 4 6, Pop 4 7, Pop 4+, Pop 4S, POP 7, POP 8, Pop C3, POP Mirage, POP S3, POP S9, Pop Star, Pop Star 3G OT-5022D, POP2 (4), POP2 (4.5), RASPG3201, Raven LTE, Rise 54, RPSPG3201, S4035_4G, SHINE LITE, SMART 4G 5.5 Enterprise, Smart III 4, SMART PLUS, Smart Tab 7, Smart Tab N8, SMARTFLIP, Sol, SOL PRIME, Soul 3.5, Soul 4, Soul 4.5, T2, T60, T70, TAB 7 DUAL CORE, tbd, TETRA, TKEE Mini, tmn smarta8, U3, U3 3G, U5, U5 3G, U5 HD, U50, Vancouver, Vancouver Orange, Venture, Verso 5044C Cricket, Vip MiniDroid, X35E, X50D, Xess mini, Xess P17AA, XL2, ZIP

Useragentstring example:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows Phone 10.0; Android 4.2.1; ALCATELONETOUCH; FierceXL) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/46.0.2486.0 Mobile Safari/537.36 Edge/13.10586
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.0.4; en-us; ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 997A Build/IMM76D) AppleWebKit/534.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/534.30
Mozilla/5.0 (Mobile; ALCATEL 4056W; rv:84.0) Gecko/84.0 Firefox/84.0 KAIOS/3.0
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